Circumventing the Flash Sandbox

In some cases, when using Flash content with the Dynamic Image Server, you may run into Flash’s sandbox limitations. This may prevent images or other content from being displayed. This applies, for instance, in cases where you want Flash files to access both the local file system as well as the Internet. While you can generally do one or the other, as specified in the Flash Publish Settings, you normally can’t do both for security reasons. This is due to the fact that Flash content is designed to work in a web browser, where it must adhere to the same security constraints as other web content.

‚ÄčThe Solution

If you suspect you’re running into this problem, follow these steps to relax the sandbox restrictions for content being used by the dynamic image server:

  • Click the Start button, choose Control Panel and open the Flash control panel.
  • Select the Advanced tab.
  • Click the “Trusted Location Settings”, “Add” and “Add Folder” buttons.
  • Navigate to where you keep your dynamic images (i.e., the folder containing the Instagram.swf file in this case).
  • Click “OK” then “Confirm”.