CNN Newsfeed

This recipe uses the Dynamic Image Server to display a continuously scrolling and updating list of twitter feeds.


CNN news feed floats across the screen

It uses a Flash image that obtains and renders an XML-formatted RSS feed from this web address:

You can read more about how to access RSS feeds from Flash here.

Configuring the Dynamic Image Server

The WATCHOUT dynamic image server needs to be configured as in the “Uploading with a Browser” recipe. Then download the attached “” file, unpack it and copy the file “CNNReader.swf” to the C:\DynImages folder. This file is subsequently used by the dynamic image server to render the news-feed. Make sure the image server is running before proceeding. 

NOTE: The attached “” file also contains the source file (CNNReader.fla), in case you want to change it. Doing so requires Adobe Flash Professional CS5 or later.


Download  the attached “” file, unpack it and open the resulting file in WATCHOUT. Make sure the CNN media item configured with the correct address of your dynamic image server. Then run the main timeline to display the feed.


Dynamic Image Settings. Substitute the proper address of your image server.

NOTE: The Dynamic Image Server must have internet access for this to work, since it pulls the feed directly from CNN.

To run the show on a real display, start WATCHOUT display software on a separate computer and set the address and resolution of the single display in the show to match your display computer’s.

Files attached to this recipe: