Here's a list of convenient shortcuts to speed up your WATCHOUT workflow.


Ctrl KPreferences dialog box
Ctrl OOpen a show file
Ctrl QQuit program
Ctrl RRefresh media (looks for changed files)
Ctrl SSave show to disk



Ctrl ASelect all
Ctrl CCopy
Ctrl ESelect to End
Ctrl FFind/Replace
Ctrl GFind/Replace again
Ctrl MMove stage position of selected cues/displays
Ctrl XCut
Ctrl ZUndo
Ctrl Shift ZRedo
EnterOpen specifications dialog


Stage & Preview

Ctrl Shift ARemote manage display
Ctrl BStandby mode (toggle)
Ctrl DUpdate
Ctrl LOnline (toggle)
Ctrl NSnap (toggle)
Ctrl 1Preview scale 1:16
Ctrl 2Preview scale 1:8
Ctrl 3Preview scale 1:4
Ctrl 4Preview scale 1:2
Ctrl 5Preview scale 1:1
Ctrl 6Preview as wireframes
Ctrl 7Preview as thumbnails
Ctrl 8Preview video as thumbnail
Ctrl 9Preview at best quality
Ctrl 0Preview masked by displays
Ctrl DragZoom scale to rectangle
Ctrl ClickZoom in
Ctrl Shift ClickZoom out
Ctrl Alt DragPan stage position in window



Ctrl IInsert layer
Ctrl DELDelete layer
Ctrl JTimeline settings
Ctrl PAdd play control cue
Ctrl Shift PAdd pause control cue
Ctrl TClick jumps to time (toggle)
SpacebarStart timeline (toggle)
EscPause timeline (no toggle)
NUM 0Start timeline (no toggle)
NUM *Jump to last start position
NUM +Magnify timeline scale
NUM –Reduce timeline scale
AltWhile dragging tail of cue to stretch tween points
Up/DownSelect layer
Left/RightSelect next/previous cue in layer
Ctrl ArrowNudge image of selected cue 1 pixel
Ctrl Shift ArrowNudge image of selected cue 10 pixels



Alt PPosition
Alt OOpacity
Alt SScale
Alt RRotation Z-Axis
Alt CCrop
Alt LColor
Alt VVolume
Alt BBalance
Alt TWipe (tiles)
Alt EWipe (tiles)
Alt WWipe (gradient)
Alt NWipe (venetian)
Alt HHue & Saturation