Twitter Feed

NOTE: Due to recent changes in Twitter’s API, this recipe no longer works. Since the new API (from version 1.1) requires authentication for all actions, it is not possible to make a dynamic image that works for all users without individual adaptation.

This recipe uses the Dynamic Image Server to display a continuously scrolling and updated list of Twitter feeds.


The content of the most recent tweets with specified tags scroll continuously.

It uses a customized Flash image with a parameter to specify the Twitter tag or author name, as described below.

Configuring the Dynamic Image Server

The WATCHOUT dynamic image server needs to be configured as in the “Uploading with a Browser” recipe. Download the attached “” file, unpack it and copy the “Twitter.swf” file to the C:\DynImages folder. This file is subsequently used by the dynamic image server to render the Twitter feed. Make sure the image server is running before proceeding. 

NOTE: The attached “” file also contains the source file (Twitter.fla), in case you want to change the font, size or other parameters. Doing so requires Adobe Flash Professional CS5 or later.


Download  the attached “” file, unpack it and open the resulting file in WATCHOUT. Make sure the “Default Dynamic Image Server Address” under Preferences > Control is configured with the correct address of your dynamic image server. Now run the main timeline to display the feed. Note that the Dynamic Image Server must have internet access for this to work, since it pulls the feeds live from Twitter.

The example shows four Twitter feeds: two are related to particular tags, while the other two are written by specific authors. This information is specified in the Parameter field inside the Dynamic Image media item. To specify a tag name, enter “tag=” followed by the tag name into the Parameter field. Likewise, to display tweets from a particular author, specify “from=” followed by the author’s Twitter name (exclude the @-symbol).


A dynamic image displaying tweets tagged with “ibm.”


Files attached to this recipe: